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rhythmique's Journal

Textures, brushes, icons, & layouts by gypsymc813
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why, hello there.
Rhythmique is the graphics journal of vexillografica. This is where I dump all of my brushes and textures and icons and layouts for you lovely people to download.

Membership is closed because I'm the only person who will be posting anyway, but you are more than welcome to friend this journal.

some things to note
+ Please credit rhythmique whenever you download something.
+ Comments and feedback are always appreciated.
+ You are more than welcome to edit any layouts as long as you link this journal.
+ Stealers are poopy.

brushy brush
+ Brushes only work in Photoshop CS and above.
+ Tutorial on how to convert imagepacks to brushes can be found here. Thanks to hiddensarah for this. :)

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+ Archive

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If you'd like to affiliate just comment in my latest entry. :)